Tweereal is looking for passionate writers to write articles for us!

We are an advertising company providing services to businesses who intend to promote their products or services on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In general, we want articles that are related to or about these social media platforms and advertising. Specifically, we want ones that cover how businesses could leverage the power of social media to their advantages.

We mainly accept articles about social media marketing, lead generation, digital advertising, analytics, search engine optimization, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

How to Pitch?

Before you get started, we want you to contact us first and send us the following:

  • The topic you intend to write about (please provide at least three)
  • Bullet point of information about the topics
  • Why you think it’s a good addition in Tweereal
  • Include your full name and some introduction about yourself
  • Links to some of your published works (bonus points for relevant sites/content)

Once we liked one or all of your topics, we’ll let you know that you can start writing it. Once done, send us a fully publishable article. That means it should be ready to be published without editing, so we expect it to be proofread and edited beforehand (we would still check it before publishing it and if we find any major errors, we might reject your article).

Once you’ve submitted your article to us, we will review it if it meets our standards. Keep in mind that once you’ve submitted your article to us, you agree to:

  • Let us make edits to the content – we will only make minimal edits to make your article perfectly matched to our tone.
  • Let us add affiliate links to your article if applicable
  • Allow us to add our own call to action phrases, buttons and links anywhere in your article


In order for your article to get accepted and published, make sure you follow the following guidelines:

  1. At least 800 words of high-quality content
  2. The article should pass Copyscape
  3. The article has not been published anywhere else
  4. The article shouldn’t be promotional or advertorial in nature
  5. No more than three external links (no affiliate links allowed)

Why Submit Articles to Us?

You will be able to reach thousands of daily visitors. We’ll also allow you to add up to three relevant external links to the article and you’ll get additional links on own author bio.